Searching for a Senior Community Health Program Representative at UCLA

Would you like to play a leading role at the Institute for Prediction Technology?  Now is your chance!

The UC Institute for Prediction Technology is a research Institute study on how to solve real-world problems at the intersection of psychology, public health/medicine, and technology. It bridges together researchers across University of California campuses to study how social data from social media, wearable devices, and online technologies can be used to predict real-world events in areas like health and medicine, politics, crime, education, and finance. While our work is broadly focused, most of our day-to-day work is with the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior in the UCLA Department of Family Medicine where we study technologies for health and medicine. The incumbent will be responsible for assisting the PI with development and securing of relationships and funding through community and corporate partnerships. They will therefore need to be a social person who has a grasp of day-to-day research being conducted at the Institute. They will also receive guidance from the PI on how to write briefs to further the Institutes's mission. The day-to-day activities will involve communication with potential research, community, and corporate partners. They will be involved in arranging meetings and presentations for the PI to present to the partners in order to further the goals of the Institute. To successfully address these tasks on time, the candidate must have a broad set of intelligence, be extremely diligent and task-oriented, and an efficient worker.

Job Qualifications


  • Have a broad set of intelligence, be extremely diligent and task-oriented, and be an efficient worker. -Be social and team-oriented, as well as extremely organized and detail-oriented. -Must have a Bachelor's Degree or at least 3 years of relevant experience -Must be able to demonstrate mastery of English language, grammar, and be able to write easily-understood manuscripts without typos or grammatical errors. -Demonstrated knowledge and skill in current and emerging internet and social media platforms, how to use them, and the terminology associated with them.


  • Online/social media marketing and Technology knowledge
  • Experience either as a journalist or as an author/co-author on previously submitted/published research-related manuscripts

Sean Young PhD

Sean Young, PhD, MS is the Executive Director of the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior. I'm a scientist, innovator, and UCLA medical school professor. I study the science behind human digital behavior (see for more info about this field of research).I also assemble technology teams and solutions to improve UCLA Family Medicine patient care. For more info or to contact me: